About Handy Concepts AP (Art Prints/Products)

Lead. Don't Follow. Own an Original. That has been my slogan for over 40 years and still is today. But I recognize that not everyone can afford to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars on an original painting direct from the artist. All art items on this site have been made available from some of my original paintings. Not all of my originals are made into prints and this year I am creating artwork specifically for my print market. 

Introducing the MOJOVE brand art supplies. I created the Mojove brand to honor 3 women who always encouraged me to follow my dreams. I attempted to launch the brand in 2019 but ran into too many road blocks which led me to abort the launch but I learned some things and because those women believed in me, because it is still my dream, I am re-introducing the brand this year. 

Original paintings may be purchased or commissioned from my website at  www.handyconcepts.com

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